2013 Joint AOVSM / ISER Meeting

Hobart 3-6 November

The meeting consists of 4 components:-

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International Society for Eye Research (ISER)

  1. Plenary talks
    1. Evolution of Primate Colour Vision - Prof Daniel Osorio (U Sussex)
    2. Myopia: from bushwalks to cram schools - the environment has it - A/Prof Kathy Rose (U Sydney)
    3. Diabetic Retinopathy Diabetic retinopathy and choroidopathy: inflammatory diseases? - Professor Gerrard Lutty (Johns Hopkins U)

  2. Symposia
    1. Retinal Bioenergetics: Relevance to Glaucoma and the Aged Eye – Co-chairs: Tailoi Chan-Ling and Mark Gillies
    2. Lens Biology and Pathology: Genomics, Cell Signalling and Developmental Mechanisms – Chair: Frank Lovicu
    3. Hot topics in the Posterior Eye – Co-chairs: Gerrard Lutty and Tailoi Chan-Ling

  3. Standard platform presentations on topics ranging from clinical research to visual neurophysiology and psychophysics based on submitted abstracts

  4. Poster presentations based on submitted abstracts


Call for abstracts

Accepted abstracts will be published in Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology and so appear in the ISI index.

Once you have submitted your abstract (see below) please register for the AOVS meeting through the Registration tab on this webpage. Please note that all authors presenting at the meeting must register and pay to attend.

Abstract submission should be carried out through the RANZCO Conference abstract service (RANZCO Abstracts) using "AOVSM" as the theme to identify which meeting you are registering for. Please note that if you select a theme other than AVOSM, your abstract will be reviewed for presentation at the RANZCO meeting not the AOVS Meeting. The abstract submission deadline is 29th July.

Attendees of the two meetings (AOVS/ISER and RANZCO) may attend each-others sessions and the display hall. AOVS/ISER sessions will be in the RANZCO program.


Meeting history and emphasis

The Australasian Ophthalmology and Vision Science meeting (AOVSM) was first held in Hobart in 1994 where it ran as a parallel session of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmology (RANZCO) meeting. After that it was held annually at different venues around Australia. The meeting has always received support from the Ophthalmic Research Institute of Australia (ORIA). The meeting is intended to have a similar theme to the original ARVO meetings: visual science meets clinical research. Thus presentations can range from clinical research to visual neurophysiology and psychophysics.

Beginning in 2010 AOVSM has returned to being held in parallel with the annual RANZCO meeting. This year it is a joint meeting with the Australian chapter of the International Society for Eye Research (ISER)






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