The ARC Centre of Excellence in Vision Science (ACEVS) brings together major research programs at the ANU with cognate programs at the Universities of Queensland, Sydney and Western Australia. Professors Lamb and Stone joined the ANU in 2003, creating the opportunity to unite their programs with those of Professor Srinivasan and other ANU scientists.

An application for the establishment of the Centre was submitted to the Australian Research Council (ARC) in October 2004 by The Australian National University (ANU) as the administering institution, in collaboration with three other Australian universities, Universities of Queensland, Sydney and Western Australia.

In 2012 the Centre expanded to The University of Melbourne with the movement there of Prof Ibbotson to take up the position of the Director of the National Vision Research Institute. That association also strengthen our link, via Prof Ibbotson, with the Bionic Eye project.

A funding agreement between the Australian Research Council (ARC) and the Australian National University to establish ACEVS was signed in December 2005, and the Centre was awarded funding by the ARC under the ARC Centre of Excellence Scheme until 2010. Following a review in 2009, the ARC extended the funding until the end of 2013.

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